Timpview Mountain Biking State Championship


Crossing the line

Lance Tucker, Sports Writer

On October 22 the Timpview Mountain Bike team competed in the state championship in St. George, Utah. The race contained at least 2,500 riders from different schools according to Timpviews Seth Robertson. Timpviews’ best rider Houston Lindley placed 15th and our school placed fourth in the overall finish, Corner Canyon biking won state. Timpview didn’t participate in girl’s mountain bike racing because we didn’t have enough female riders to participate.

At the beginning of the race, there was a huge pile-up that took out at least 20 kids. The weather was the biggest adversary of our boy mountain bike team. Seth claimed that the wind was so strong that on some turns he would go straight off the trail because of it. The terrain was also a big problem for a lot of riders, Seth saw 3 kids get pinch flats on rocks including himself. St.george was a big change for our Timpview riders, most of them are used to humid, tacky, tight riding but the track at St.george was very open, dry, loose, and open so other schools might have had an advantage over us, but most of our riders are happy with the overall position that we earned.

The trail that they rode was “super technical” most of the race but it was mostly an enduro race and didn’t contain much downhill racing. Some of the riders complained that the desert terrain was too dusty and loose. Many people like the red rock in st.George desert because it helps some people gain speed as opposed to the sand, but the sand can help with turns and traction, you just have to be light on the front brake or you’ll be head over wheels.

A lot of Timpview riders were happy with the final position but there’s still a lot of room for improvement. See you on the course next season.