Construction, Construction, Construction


When you think of Timpview, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? The construction. No matter how you look at it, the mass amount of construction going on around the building is a definite influence. The lack of a student parking lot, the loss of the commons, the commotion, sparks some sort of emotion in all of us, good or bad. Naturally, wanting to know more about the construction taking place is inevitable. Why is it taking so long? How much longer will we be in this plywood hallway state? When will we move into the new building? Will the school be finished on time?

In order to find out more about this essential yet unideal inconvenience, let’s look at those servicing us, the construction workers. Looking into the mind of construction worker Ray Martinez, we begin to gain insight into what really goes on at Timpview’s construction site. 

Word on the street says Timpview opened up a new addition to the school.

As it so happens, all of the blocked-off hallways, no commons, and lack of shortcuts was not for nothing. As you may have noticed, an old hallway has been reopened to the student body. Not only do we have two new hallways, we also have wonderful new classrooms and brand new locker rooms, but let’s jump into the masterminds at work, the construction workers. 

During an interview with Ray Martinez, one of the many workers helping Timpview get back into tip-top shape, much was learned. Many may feel that the construction process of the school is taking longer than necessary leading to the questioning of whether time is being spent wisely. When Martinez was informed of this and asked if time was being spent wisely, his response was quite the opposite saying, “Yes, oh yeah.” In fact, he talks about how at the beginning of each work day they meet “to start off with a game plan.” He also mentions going over what they couldn’t accomplish previously in hopes to work on it in a more efficient manner. 

As for the opening being postponed, Martinez didn’t feel pressure for the delay. In fact, his reaction gave off the unbothered vibe. He informs us that things happen, and supplies arrive late meaning work is done later. Obstacles such as this make meeting deadlines a constant battle but it’s out of our control. 

As construction came to an end, Martinez expressed his love for seeing things come together in the end. While finishing up the new part of the school, students tend to get curious and walk by. Martinez states that he can’t help but feel excited for the student body to see his hard work completed. “Seeing students walk by and check things out while we’re working is pretty cool. Everyone wants a preview of what’s to come.” 

Thanks to the hardworking construction workers, we have one of three phases of the new school complete. There are still various places blocked off with wooden walls, but we are one step closer to a complete school.  Was the construction and noise worth the wait?