Choir Auditions Coming Soon

Nicole Glasgow

As the school year comes to an end, teachers, groups, and clubs are preparing for the next. This week choir is hosting auditions for next year’s A Capella, Sorella Voce, and madrigals choirs. If you like to sing, make new friends, and have fun, the choir is the class for you.

Russell Oliphant, the current choir teacher here at Timpview, is hosting auditions throughout this week. Although official auditions this week, Oli said “I have set aside time for this week but I will take auditions throughout the end of the year”. He has had many students come audition already but he is always looking for more.

Sorella Voce is an all-girls choir and is typically filled with all grades of girls. A Capella is a mixed choir that is typically filled with Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors. Madrigals are the highest of all the choirs. They are a smaller mixed group with mainly Juniors and Seniors. You can audition for these choirs by going to room A-18 and setting up a time with Mr. Oliphant.

In each of these choirs, you can have a great time. All of these choirs are very inclusive and give you plenty of opportunities to perform. If you don’t have any previous experience, no worries! Just audition and try your best, there will always be a spot for you. The last “official” day for auditions is Today, February 17th, but Mr. Oliphant will be taking anyone who would like to audition all the way until the end of the school year.