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What’s Going on with Teacher Parking?

Left: current location for teacher/faculty parking (church lot) Right: New academic wing, current student parking lots

Parking at Timpview has been a controversial topic since the reconstruction of the school began in 2021. The original student parking lot, once located where the new academic wing is, was the first thing to go. Students were left wondering where the new student parking lot would be, the solution: there wasn’t one. Students were instructed to park along Timpview Drive or in a limited lot nearly a ten-minute walk away. Meanwhile, the teachers kept their parking lot in front of the original Timpview Building. Getting to school quickly became a challenge with limited space to park and long walks to the building. Many students felt that the situation was unfair and the class of 2022 even went as far as taking over the teacher lot for their senior prank. Despite their efforts, students were not given the parking lot. 

The teacher parking lot was finally granted to the students this school year after 2 years of begging, and the teachers were moved. Most teachers were okay with the switch because they had the shots for the past few years. They were relocated to a church lot nearly 3 blocks away, or a fifteen-minute walk. Teachers and faculty were provided a shuttle to take them to and from the school. The shuttle was unpredictable and arrived at different times each morning, which led teachers to begin walking. Walking nearly half a mile to work each morning became dreadful as the weather became colder and teachers became disheartened when snow started to fall. 

When the new academic wing opened in December 2023, three lots were available; a large one by the seminary building and two medium-sized ones along Timpview Drive. Not one was designated for the Faculty. The people who run our school have still not been given the privilege of parking near it, instead, they were incentivized. For each month they parked at the church, a $50 gift card was offered and many teachers appreciate this approach and are grateful for it. Then again, one of the three lots could easily be appointed to the teachers and still hasn’t been; many have resorted to parking in the student lots anyway. At this point 3 out of 4 teachers choose to park in the student lot.

With recently extended construction and the student body being given the upper hand, it could be years until the teachers are given the parking lot they deserve. Timpview teacher Terry Brown believes that “there’s nobody to be mad at, it’s just a tough situation.” While this is true, how long will our teachers be left waiting for what they deserve?


Parking update 3/1/24

Teacher Parking Update

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  • E

    Eli SumanFeb 26, 2024 at 6:26 PM

    You ate that up, justice for Mr.Brown

  • J

    John wilsonFeb 26, 2024 at 4:11 PM

    Very very well done