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Timpview’s rising stars

Many notable individuals have emerged from Timpview’s halls: U.S. Senator Mike Lee, professional dancers Lindsay Arnold and Jenna Johnson, and dozens of NFL players including Bronson Kaufusi and Harvey Unga. Considering the talent under our broken styrofoam ceiling, the question arises, which of our current classmates will have their name in lights? Here are just eight of many accomplished students whom we predict will be making headlines in the future.


Renee Nelson

Senior Renee Nelson has modeled for Salt Lake City-based agency NIYA since freshman year.

After picking up gigs including Mormon Messages and Backcountry clothing, Nelson is ready to move on to bigger things.

“It’s hard in Utah. It’s a really weird industry for modeling… I [graduated] at third term and [went] to LA that next week to see if I [wanted] to sign with any agencies out there.”

Nelson dreams to model for a big name brand like Billabong.

While Nelson shoots high, she worries about the modeling stereotype attached.

“My little dream is to be someone that people can actually look up to…I’m just trying to basically hack the system.”

After two or three years of modeling, she plans to settle down and go to UVU, where she intends to study psychology and start a career in that field.

However, she admitted, “I would rather be a mom than do any of this. If there was a choice between working, modeling, or being a mom and having kids, I would choose that.”


Josh Carr

Senior Josh Carr currently acts at the professional level at Hale Center Theater.

“Right now I’m kinda just chilling,” he said. “The goal for me is to get a degree in something art related and then to start getting leads at the highest professional [level] I can..”

Despite opportunities to act in films, Carr has decided to stick to musical theater. “I feel like live acting is gonna be a harder struggle at first but in the end it’s gonna get me somewhere further.”

His end goal? Broadway.

“It sounds dumb but if you do everything right it’s pretty much gonna happen. And I have no doubt I’m gonna be on Broadway at some point in my career.”

Be sure to catch Carr under the Broadway spotlight in 10 years.


Cassidy Whaley

“The World Cup is basically the Olympics for Compound archers,” freshman Cassidy Whaley said.

Whaley has several years of archery experience under her belt, putting her on track to compete at the World Cup within the next few years.

There are two types of archery: recurve, which is more traditional, and compound, which is what Whaley competes in.

After high school, she aims to be admitted into a collegiate archery program.

“It’s challenging,” Whaley explained. “They give the recurvers the scholarships because they want to keep it traditional.”

Whaley has the determination to meet these goals and continue this sport for her lifetime.


Connor Biser

“Essentially my whole life is centered around bikes and playing my bass,” sophomore Connor Biser said.

Many of us have seen him riding his six foot, two inch tall bike down Timpview Drive on the way to school.

And that’s just one of the eight homemade bikes Biser rides.

“I have thousands of dollars worth of parts in my garage,” he said. “You get to customize it entirely to how you want.”

Biser started biking in seventh grade and it has now developed into his life passion. He curates one after another, some for beauty, some for speed.

He races on the Provo Mountain Biking team and works at the Provo Bicycle Collective.

Biser plans to continue this sport after high school.

“The collegiate races are a lot more competitive,” he acknowledged. “Even if I don’t race I’ll be riding mountain bikes for the rest of my life.”


Ricken Matsuzawa

Freshman Ricken Matsuzawa does it all. This Provo native speaks fluent Japanese and has been involved in French immersion since 1st grade. He’s an older brother, a food lover, a violinist, and above all, an acclaimed gymnast.

Matsuzawa has been doing gymnastics for 12 years and recently placed 1st at the state competition.

This feat will advance him to the national level for his age division.

“They say when you take a drug, you just want more and more and more–it’s kinda like that.”

Though his parents originally started him in gymnastics because “they just didn’t want me to be fat,” it has now developed into his passion. Matsuzawa doesn’t do it for the bling–trophies? “[They] just get in the way.”

He and competes in floor, vault, rings, high bar, and pommel horse and practices for four to five hours daily at All American Gymnastics.

After high school, Matsuzawa hopes to make the Stanford team, ranked second in the nation. And at this rate, the Olympics might just be in his future.

See a video of him competing here: IMG_2725


Drew Brown

“Drama just offers a unique opportunity to people where you get to step into the shoes of other people and you get to feel what they feel.”

For senior Drew Brown, this is what draws him into the world of acting.

Brown has been involved with the Timpview theatre program under the direction of Mr. Purdie since day one, and his experience has paid off–he has accepted a scholarship to Snow College for theatre.

“I’m super pumped,” he said. “This is just the beginning of the journey to be on the biggest stage.”

Brown intends to move to LA or New York after college to pursue bigger and better things.

Acknowledging the competitive field, he commented, “Really it’s all about how committed you are to the task, how many hits you can take, how many rejections you’re gonna take, how far you can go…it’s all about the mentality and the mindset you have to make it to the greatest stage on the earth.”

Brown admits that even if he doesn’t make it to Broadway, he’ll “still do it for a lifetime.”


Tate Parker

With 30,000 Instagram followers, senior cartoonist Tate Parker is well on his way to a successful career.

Ever heard of Scroll of Truth? “I made a meme,” Parker began humbly, “and it blew up… People are still using it. I will see it all the time on my explore [page].”

The meme went viral, boosting Parker’s Instagram followers and exposure. Multiple websites contacted him for interviews and wrote articles about him.

Parker’s next project is currently in the works–a kickstarter art book.

“I think once I get this book out and make some prints I would go to Comic-Con.”

Parker credits his love of art to his Dad. “If he wasn’t an artist…I don’t think I would have picked up on art as easily. He’s definitely my biggest inspiration,” he said.

Though Parker doesn’t “have a thought-out plan right now,” he would love to go to art school until other opportunities come his way. “Just as long as I get a job where people are like, ‘Tate, draw this thing and we’ll pay you,’ I will be completely happy.”


Rachel Oyler

In February, junior Rachel Oyler took home the gold from the state high school swim meet in not just one, but four events, and broke the overall state record in the 100 freestyle.

Few will understand her frustration in saying, “I was sick at state so timewise I didn’t get what I wanted.”

Her wins in the state pool simply added to her growing list of accolades.

She competed at nationals with her club team, UV Rays, last December. Even still, she looks on ahead.

“[Though] I’ll have to drop a second or two in most things,” Oyler said, “I’m hoping to make the Olympic trials next year, the summer after I graduate high school.”

With this goal in mind, she has also committed to accept a scholarship to swim at Brigham Young University.


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