Earth Club makes a change

Clubs at Timpview improve our community through students sharing their common interests. Some clubs give people a place to discuss things they are passionate about, and others give students opportunities to serve. There are dozens of clubs here at Timpview and though they all unite us, they do so in many different ways.

The Earth Club hosted a collection that took place just before Thanksgiving break. It involved donating things for families in need. Aynslee Mattson, president of Earth Club, told me more about the specifics of the collection, saying, “We [collected] lightly used books, lightly used shoes, and lightly used winter jackets to donate to certain Orem-Provo area organizations.”

The day of the collection was a lively event. The Earth Club combined their meeting with the Oreo Club, which made for a fun environment. The Oreo Club supplied snacks for hungry attendees, who socialized while items were being gathered. In the end, multiple boxes full of donations were collected.

For anyone who took part in the project, the sense of community was evident. Mattson explained that she started this club to motivate our community to be more environmentally friendly through recycling. When asked to elaborate on why she wanted to create Earth Club, she said, “I always felt like I could make a difference, and that even if it was small that it was important to do my part.”

Mattson also wants to change how the community thinks about making a difference: “A lot of the time we feel like we need to do these really big, grandiose things to make a difference, but I just wanted to help the people [in my community] realize that we don’t have to do big things to make a difference and that every little thing matters.”

All of these donations will go towards helping families in need this holiday season.