Coronavirus: The Good


It’s no secret that people all over the world are struggling during quarantine. Small businesses have taken crippling losses, online school has been a challenge for many students, and the unemployment rate is devastating. However, hope isn’t completely lost, and there are still positive bits and pieces to be found.

Students were asked to share positive stories or perspectives on being in quarantine. Senior Arden Covey said she “was able to organize everything in her house, as well as really look into what classes she wants to take in college.” Freshman Katie Hansen said “my sister got married last fall, and I haven’t seen her very often, but since we’ve been in quarantine together I’ve had the opportunity to get close to her and her husband.”

Junior Joel Ibarra had a heartwarming comment to share as well. He said “I went to the store and bought food for some of the less fortunate people in my church ward.” He wanted them to know that “people still care, even though we may not be able to be around each other as much.”

Speaking of heartwarming, popular YouTuber David Dobrik was getting messages that many of his fans were struggling at the hand of the coronavirus. He wanted to help them out, so he teamed up with Electronic Arts to give out dozens of gaming consoles and tablets. He also shot his merch out of a t-shirt cannon at unsuspecting people, which is exciting in itself, but attached to the shirts were ten thousand dollar checks. Yeah, you read that right. It can’t get more positive than that.

A new facebook group was created, titled “National Adopt a 2020 Senior Project”. It gives people the opportunity to send random seniors a letter, card, etc… The description reads, “It can be a stressful time for seniors with cancelled proms and graduations, so let’s show them some extra love.”

There are positive occurrences to be seen abroad as well, especially in nature. Without thousands of humans on beaches, a mass nesting of Olive Ridley turtles gathered on the Odisha coast, which is a part of the eastern coast in India.

The world has also seen an incredible drop in pollution because of the limited travel, both on the ground and by air. China is reported to have given off twenty five percent less carbon emissions during the same four week period last year.

NASA imaging captured decreases NO2 levels over China.(NASA)

I’m sure we’ve all heard of the phrase “Out of adversity comes opportunity”. Trying times can no doubt have a discouraging and trying effect on people, but it can also bring out the best of humans, and the COVID-19 pandemic is no different.