Spirit Bowl

Spirit Bowl

Owen Alvord and Damon Alvord

As the school year winds to a close, students dream longingly of summer vacation. With just a few weeks separating them from their freedom there’s a buzz around the school. But with all that energy there comes a higher holier purpose. The annual spirit ball. A competition of grades to find the best, the brightest, the strongest, and the most spirited class of Timpview high school.


This year’s student council sets the stage with a Greek mythology theme. Each class is represented by a God, The freshmen were Hercules, the sophomores were Poseidon, juniors took Zeus, and the seniors repped the Lord of the underworld, Hades. Throughout the week students could earn points for their grade by participating in the dress up days such as pajama day, anything but a backpack day, metals day, and school spirit day but it all led up to one singular event: The Spirit Bowl.


Each class comes together on the football field divided by their colors under their patron Gods for the title of the superior class. It’s tradition to start the games off by the competition to get the spirit flowing and the hyping. Each grade cheered their loudest and in the end we were separated only by a few decimal points but seniors summoned the hounds of hell to win the cheer off.


And so the games begin, It came as no surprise when the seniors took the dub in tug-of-war but things look bleak for the other classes as Hades again took the win in the first round of the water toss. The sophomores fought hard though and Took home first place in the pie eating contest and their second rest of the blue towels. With juniors and sophomores neck in neck the freshmen are left in the upperclassmen dust. With enough points that the sophomores could potentially catch the seniors it’s down to the final game, The infamous relay race.


The juniors started off in the lead but we’re quickly overtaken by the sophomores and seniors. Sophomores take another victory though will it be enough? When the dust settled in the crowd was quiet and the final scores were announced. With the dress up days being factored in and the runner up points being tallied, freshman took fourth place with 90 points. Juniors in third place with 140 points. Sophomores in second with 180 points and Seniors taking their final victory of 190 points winning the 2022 Spirit Bow Cup. Zeus may be the king of Olympus but Hades is the king of Timpview. Better luck next year underclassmen.