Grade Inflation Good or Bad

Grade Inflation Good or Bad

Cy Hamilton

Now more than ever grade inflation is affecting schools in a big way. To start the definition of grade inflation is the awarding of higher grades than students deserve. It can also be used in the sense of giving higher grades for work that would have been given a lower grade in the past. One reason that grade inflation has grown so much over the past little bit is because of covid. The big question that is going around with this argument is, whether grade inflation is good or bad.

This argument could go both ways, but a lot of the students here at Timpview High School do not like it. Jackson Farrar a Junior here at Timpview says, “I like to work hard for my grades and I think it’s unfair for someone to get the same grade for very little work.” This causes problems because kids are not trying on their assignments and getting good grades causing bad habits. Teachers also don’t think that grade inflation is a good thing.

Some teachers say they feel like they have to reward kids with grades they don’t think they deserve but parents will be mad.

Digital graphic arts teacher Mads Sutton said, ” We need to move past giving people good grades just if they do a little work and we need to just start grading people based off of the effort they put in.”

So what is going to change? One way that we could slow grade inflation is to have higher standards for students and only have low-grade standards in certain circumstances. Another way this could change is to go away from the letter grade that we use here in the U.S. and switch to a proficiency scale. This would show more about how kids are learning and would hold them to a higher level slowing grade inflation.