Stand Up for Veterans

Students should put aside political preferences and protests while celebrating the sacrifice of our veterans.


Rui He

Veterans standing for their military song

Madison Fell, Editorial Writer

Timpview High School’s veterans assembly was a fantastic show of patriotism. The choir opened the assembly with a beautiful rendition of the national anthem. Mayor Michelle Kaufusi then addressed the attending veterans and thanked them for their service.

Veterans standing for their military song (Rui He)

Timpview’s band played the anthems for each branch of the military. The veterans identified with their corresponding song standing for each branch in which they served all followed by thunderous applause. Bella Carter gave a moving speech about her father who had served and lost his life. The ballroom team then performed dancing through the decades. The assembly was then finished with a pilot who had trained at TOPGUN and spoke about his experiences in the navy.

I’ve noticed more and more throughout the Veteran’s Day assemblies that I have attended in my life, the growing trend of students who sit/kneel during the national anthem, the pledge of allegiance, and other patriotic events. This is something all Americans should see and worry about because a generation that cannot respect the sacrifice of veterans and our forefathers who laid down their lives for the country we have today.

Color Guard Presents Military Flags (Rui He)

Who cannot understand the privilege of living in a country like the United States where we are granted the freedoms and rights we have, and cannot simply stand with a hand over their hearts and eyes on the flag to show respect for the people who protect all that is dear to us are not deserving of all that veterans do for us. 

This is not to say America is perfect. We have committed many atrocities and are no strangers to harming the innocent. America arguably popularized slavery, destroyed the early Native Americans, killed and exterminated many species and lands alike, but veterans have done nothing to the American people but protect their freedoms and sacrifice their own lives in exchange for yours. So when you are told to stand for the pledge stand with pride and respect for our veterans and our country.