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@hairy.poppins asked: 

I like a guy at my school but he has no idea I exist, what do I do?

I have never had any problems with guys not noticing me but I would say go for it girl. If you continue to hide in the shadows, he’ll never notice you.

If you want him to notice you, you must make a move. Simply smile at him in the hallway. After doing that for a while you may move up to say hi or even just wave. This will get him to notice you. If he’s outgoing he will talk first, but if not then you must. This plan is to be carried out over some time and it’ll hopefully build your confidence as well. Just remember that taking action is the only way to make a change.


@Its_getting_messi asked:

How do I tell my best friend I like them without ruining what we have?

Sweetie, you just have to make a move, everybody likes a confident partner. But pay attention to the way they treat you, if they treat you like a friend, then honey, you’re in the friend zone. If they constantly flirt with you and treat you like more than a friend, honey you’re in.

If you truly believe that you and your partner have the same feelings toward each other, then say something. You confessing your feelings is going to change your relationship regardless of the other person’s answer. After that, move forward, whatever that looks like in your situation.

@elfish.presley asked:

My sister has been in a coma for the past six months, during which, I have become close with her boyfriend. What should I do?

Girl, that’s her loss, stick with him, it will add some spice to all y’all lives. She should’ve chosen a man who wasn’t going to fall for his girl’s sister.

Given the circumstances, you both are going through a hard time, and having the other there for you throughout it all is probably what made you fall for each other. Thinking it through, with your brain, would be best. Put yourself in your sister’s shoes as well. Remember that they had a relationship before and during, you must decide if they will have one after. If you decide to stick with her man, then realize that your relationship with your sister will pay.

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