GAS: The Short Lived App


Nicole Glasgow

We have all noticed that things in this day and age are getting shorter, whether it is videos, instructions, or kids’ attention spans. Now we are running into the problem of app popularity getting shorter and shorter.

In early November, there was a new app that hyped people up and got kids reposting responses on all social media platforms. This app was called GAS. GAS was an app where you would have people from your school vote for others at polls. Your name would appear in polls at random and you would be one of four choices. Once your name was picked in a poll you would get a notification that an anonymous person selected you for the said poll. The peak usage of the app did not last long.

We wanted to ask people about their usage of the app, and to do this I went around the school and asked students about their usage of the app. Most were confused when I asked because that app no longer exists in their brains.

Chloe McCullough, a Senior here at Timpview, did not know what app I was talking about until I reminded her of what the app was and had to show her the app.

Tessa Cottle, a Junior here at Timpview High School, said “I only used it 2-4 times a day for a week, after that, it wouldn’t even show up on my screen time”.

GAS was one of the apps that suffered a sudden decrease in popularity. Even though it was a good idea, good ideas nowadays don’t last long.