Does School Start Too Early? 


Harlon Komenkul

I can guarantee that you had a sleepy Monday when you came back from a long weekend. So we are here to talk about if school starts too early for students. This has been a common conversation in high schools since 2008 when the CDC first did studies about it.  The  CDC which stands for (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) recommends that high school should start at 8:30 am due to multiple reasons, one being that teenagers become tired later in the night due to puberty. not getting enough sleep can cause health risks like being overweight and using drugs and alcohol as well as poor academic performance.

I Have talked to multiple students about starting school later to make it so much easier to pay attention in class and from the Five random students I talked to all Five said that it would improve their academic performance.

Some reason why schools have been starting later is due to the School buses. School districts normally use the same buses for multiple other schools and it gets difficult with middle schools which start at 8:05 am and then after that elementary school which starts at  8:50 am. There are also problems with rescheduling after-school activities and after-school jobs due to staying longer. It is likely that a late start for Timpview won’t happen due to changes that the school districts would have to make.