Hot Takes: Dance Isn’t a Sport and Taylor Swift is the Greatest Artist in Music History


Lia Harper, Writer

Opinions vary from person to person, and Timpview students have very different angles on a lot of topics. The first question -is dance a sport?- sparked a very heated debate between students. Their points were very emphatic. They said, “dance is not a sport, it’s a hobby or an art, and it’s more recreational than exercise.” The definition of sport is, “An activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment.” However, one of the interviewees disagreed and stated, “if you run for fun, it’s not a sport, it’s recreational, but if you run track, it’s a sport. I think it depends on your intention.” It was mentioned many times that it does take skill and confidence to dance however that doesn’t make it a sport. 

Next question was, do you think Taylor Swift is a good artist? One student said, “I think she definitely has her own styles but it’s all kind of the same, there’s not much variation.” They also expressed how expensive her tour is and that even if fans wanted to go, it would be difficult to afford it. The estimated price for her nosebleed tickets and around $2,000. Milo Sharp said, “How can you justify spending $5,000 on a two-hour concert.” However, he later said, “I love Tyler the Creator, I would spend any amount of money to go to a Tyler concert.” So he clearly has some very strong opinions about musicians. 

Lastly, dating in high school. Abi Kirkland said, “I don’t think we are mature enough to date in high school, you have to know yourself and love yourself enough before you can give all of that to another person.” As we know many, many people students will date regardless of others people’s beliefs.

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