Timpview: Best School in the World

Timpview: Best School in the World

Kinlee Fell

What makes a good school? A good school is one where its students enjoy life while gaining an education. Now obviously school is still school and not everyone enjoys AP calculus at 7:30 in the morning, but beyond that, simply looking at the student’s overall quality of life, it’s easy to say that Timpview is a good school. One thing that all of the interviewees agreed upon was that they would rather be at Timpview than the alternatives worldwide. Now, why is this? What makes Timpview rise above the rest? 

As a student who formerly lived in and attended school in Korea, we had to get his insight on the matter. Senior Andrew Kang explains, “I’d have to say school in America is better because, well it’s not because it was easier, but the fact that we are open to more opportunities here. In Korea, it is a lot harder because everything is dependent on your education. We go to school here, we have life, I’ve genuinely felt happiness here, so I say I like school here better.” If that doesn’t give us a clear answer of which school is better, then our next interviewee will!

All the way from Indonesia, Timpview is lucky to have exchange student Elisabeth Kurniawan. Ms. Kurniawan informed us of her opinion on the matter, and here’s what she had to say, “I like here, it’s more chill, you can be more social, and there are more freedoms. In Indonesia, we stay in class with the same friends all year, and the teachers switch classrooms to teach each class their subject. I can’t pick my classes there either, so definitely more freedom here.” Although she hasn’t been here long, Timpview secured its vote, making the score Timpview: 2 Indonesia/Korea: 0

No schools do it the same, education is versatile, but we have reason to believe that Timpview does it best. When Timpview students were interviewed they had some good insight into what it’s like in other schools around the world. Andrew Kang, a former Korean student, came to America solely for its education system. Although there were many challenges such as a language barrier and cultural differences, he adapted quickly and found that Timpview had exactly what he wanted and so much more. Elisabeth Kurniawan agrees that the school here is better than her former school, especially in the social aspect. She loves having classes with different peers and having a say in what classes she gets to take. In other parts of the world the quality of life for students is taken into account but not valued as much as it is here. That is why Timpview is doing its best to be welcoming, likable, and academically challenging, and it seems like it is doing great!