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@desperate_enuf asked:

Why can’t I keep a relationship?

Trixie replied: You are never the problem, it’s them, don’t forget that you are amazing just the way you are. Period.

Anonymous replied: Look at the reasons why your past relationships didn’t work, what was the problem? Once you’ve found that, look for the root of those problems. When you find that, then boom, work on that. If there’s a common reason/problem, then that is what you should work on. But also realize that you don’t need a significant other, you need to realize that you are powerful and amazing on your own. Nobody is perfect, we all make mistakes, but the important part is that we learn from them and apply what we learned to our daily lives.

@big_mamas_house asked:

How do I ask someone I like to the dance?

Trixie replied: Honey, no. They do the asking, not you. Keep your options open.

Anonymous replied: It might seem hard and straightforward, but you really just got to ask them. Bring up the dance and if they don’t have plans, then that’s your cue. And don’t forget to let them know that you will ask them the proper way (poster). Just put in the effort and they will love it, whoever they are. But don’t ask if they are in a relationship or planning on asking someone else.

@average_student asked:

How do I get a job?

Trixie replied: Honey, get you a man who will buy you whatever you want. You need a sugar daddy/mommy, trust me on this one girl. 😉

Anonymous replied: Start by filling out a resume, if you need help on that, then there are plenty of YouTube videos that can show you how to make one. Once you’ve done that, simply look out for and apply to places near you, and apply! The interview is the tricky part, and that is why you must do your best to ace it. Don’t just tell the company what they want to hear, expand on it, find a quality that that company has, and branch off of that. For example, if they have good customer service, then you could say, “this company stuck out to me because of its outstanding customer service. This is the quality service I would like to surround myself in, quality people make a quality company.” or something that sounds professional and smart. You got this @average_student!

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