A Farewell to the King

A Farewell to the King

Lance Tucker

After 5 years of teaching/coaching at Timpview high school, coach Anthony Stokes is leaving Timpview and returning home. Stokes had previously coached at Dixie High School in St. George before coming to Timpview.

Stokes has coached a total of 15 years and taught for 9.

When he was asked if he would’ve done anything differently Stokes said, “No, we learned our lessons from the choices we make, we always do.”

Coach Stokes has always been a bright light at Timpview for many students. One of his most noticeable problems as a teacher was the mass amount of people that would cut class to come to his class, but after the attendance policy his class was strictly his students.

When asked about the new policy Stokes said, “I don’t mind the new attendance policy. We need to teach accountability.”

Coach Stokes always found ways to brighten our days, but do you ever wonder what brightens his day? Stokes listed a few things that made his days at Timpview better “It brightens my day when students like Lance Tucker and his motley crew come in, when students bring me drinks and treats, my favorite drink that they bring is Bang energy.”

Stokes definitely had some favorite people during his years at Timpview high, he wanted to give a shout out to our English/Journalism teacher Mr. Chow, “Chow is my favorite coworker and best teacher at Timpview.”

A lot of people are concerned with what will happen to Timpview football and P.E when Stokes leaves, Stokes assures us that the Timpview football team will be fine without his expertise, he even said that “Timpview football could have the potential to win a championship.”

As for P.E, Stokes informs us that he won’t be replaced but the administration will try to make P.E classes bigger by merging classes.

Stokes leaving will leave a big hole in the hearts of many students and teachers, but as Stokes leaves to open a new chapter in his life we cannot resent him for leaving, we have to be happy it happened. If you want to wish him a farewell a Black Cherry Bang Energy or a chocolate chip cookie will surely show your appreciation. We thank Stokes for his years of service and we say farewell to a king.