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Timpview Theatre’s Cast Lists for “Our Town” and “Little Women: the Musical”

Isabella Williamson
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Timpveiw Theatre’s long-awaited productions of Our Town and Little Women the Musical have finally been cast. Auditions occurred on Tuesday, November 28, and Wednesday, November 29. Callbacks for Little Women occurred on Thursday, November 30 while the callbacks for Our Town happened on Friday, December 1. The cast lists for both shows were released on Friday night on the Timpveiw Theatre website (http://www.timpviewtheatre.org/auditions1.html). Little Women the Musical has two casts who will switch off performance dates. Our Town performs on January 31-February 5 with no show on Sunday, February 4, and has a matinee on Saturday, February 3. Little Women the Musical will perform from April 19- to April 27 with no show on Sunday, April 21, and a have a matinee on Saturday, April 20. 


Our Town is a play about small-town life written by legendary playwright, Thornton Wilder. It takes place in a town called Grover’s Corners and depicts the life and love of Emily Webb and George Gibbs along with the stories of their neighbors, friends, and families. The story is led by a character who is called “Stage Manager” and acts like a sort of narrator in the course of the story, and this character makes it “a-play-within-a-play”.  Although this show is a tale about little life, it dives deep into the true essence of mortality and what it means to live. It is an inspiring and heartbreaking story that offers moral truths about how wonderful life really is.


Little Women the Musical is a musical adaptation of, Little Women, a classic novel by Louisa May Alcott. Using music, it portrays the lives of Jo March, her three sisters, her lovely mother, and the many people who touched her life. It grapples with themes of grief, love, societal pressures, longing, and all of the other small beauties that come with a life full of dreams. It is a wonderful mix of humor and fun along with love and heartache. Its wonderfully developed characters and truthfulness to life will have you hooked from the very beginning.


Our Town Cast List: 


Stage Manager

Cannon Hadfield


Emily Webb

Eva Deans


George Gibbs

Zach Karpowitz


Mrs. Gibbs

Evelyn Bigelow


Dr. Gibbs

Bridger Allen


Rebecca Gibbs

Sadie Durham


Mrs. Webb

Goldie Harrison


Mr. Webb

Hayden Loke


Wally Webb

Tillie Kawasaki


Joe Crowell Jr.

Fizz Daniels


Si Crowell

Lexi Williamson


Howie Newsome

Mitchell Harding


Professor Willard/Another Man Among the Dead

Emerson Lassen


Simon Stimson

Tucker Whiting


Mrs. Soames

JaneEsther Deans


Constable Warren

Hyrum Forstrom


Sam Craig/Women in the Balcony

Joely Marre


Joe Stoddard

Hayden Geary


Mr. Carter/Man Among the Dead/Belligerent Man in the Auditorium

Vienna Van Dyke


Lady in the Box/Woman Among the Dead

Charlotte Dew


Little Women Cast List:


Jo March

Anna Kocherhans

Stella Parry


Marmee March

Evelyn Bigelow

Palmyra Palmer


Amy March

Claire Moreira

Claudia Fletcher


Beth March

Abbie Drake

Brooklyn Chennault


Meg March

Macey South

Maddie Wheelwright


Aunt March

Eva Marre

Gracie Griffin


Mrs. Kirk

Mackensie Sellers


Theodore Laurence III (Laurie)

Taft Smith

William Madsen


Mr. Laurence

Hayden Geary

Hyrum Forstrom


Mr. John Brooke

John Schefer

Joss McFarland


Professor Bhaer

Cannon Hadfield

Isaac Dorton

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