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New School Building

After three years, the move is complete
Timpview High School

Walking into school today was a strange experience. Seeing the old school fenced off and then going to class in our new building was a little surreal. Going to find your new classrooms, looking at the maps on the wall to see where to go, and wandering halls you have never walked before has been exciting for all of us.

┬áSome teachers faced massive upgrades, while others were unhappy with their new classrooms. “I love how much room I have,” stated Cinda Morgan, our school’s college and scholarship advisor. “I can help more people with the space I have.” On the other hand, John McIlmoil, our physics teacher, says that he doesn’t have enough storage space for his teaching materials and would have preferred his old rooms. Many teachers remarked that they wanted their offices back. Overall though, for the most part, the faculty of Timpview likes their new school and we’re glad to be in the new school.

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Sawyer Collette, Feature Editor
Timpview Junior who enjoys cooking and swimming. Class of 2025!

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  • C

    CalixDec 12, 2023 at 3:08 PM

    I’m part of the GEAR UP class and we had a reasonable class in the old building just next to my US Government and Citizenship class. once the old parts of the school were closed off we were moved to the old Chinese class in the I-Wing. this is a massive downgrade compared to the class we were in before. the best thing the room offers is the window you can peek over and get a good view of the ACs and equipment on the roof.

    another complaint I have is with the crowded halls. I thought the crowded halls problem would be solved because they’re much bigger now, except having the stairs lead down into one of those hallways creates a crowded and overpopulated area near the bottom of the stairs. At the previous school (if anyone still remembers it before construction), the stairs led straight into the commons, a huge area where friends could stand and talk to each other, it wasn’t a crowded mess at all. I know we can’t redesign the school after it was built but this seems like a simple issue that could’ve been fixed if we considered the common problem with traffic in school hallways.

    the school has its problems but overall it’s a great experience, I love the big windows and the modern look. the new desks and chairs are much comfier now. I’d love to have a website or some source where we could see what’s next for the school since there’s still construction going on.