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Christmas Movies you Should Watch Over the Break


This Christmas break, when you find yourself with a few empty hours, watch a Christmas movie! These are the 15 recommendations from this year that I have seen.  


1. Klaus, 2019, Netflix

A movie about a young postman, who learns about the true meaning of Christmas. 


2.  The Legend of Frosty the Snowman, 2005, Youtube and Peacock

A much better sequel to Frosty the Snowman than Frosty Returns, This is the much less creepy, actually enjoyable sequel. 

3.  Family Switch, 2023, Netflix

Revolves around a family that goes crazy just a few days before Christmas and ends up switching bodies through a cosmic event. 


4. The Family Stone, 2005, Hulu

A man brings his girlfriend and her sister to his family Christmas, where the girlfriend tries to gain the family’s approval, failing miserably.


5. Christmas With the Kranks, 2004, Prime 

The Kranks want to go on a Cruise, but their neighbors want to win the “Best Decorated Street” award, and it creates a comedy of conflict between them. 


6. A Christmas Carol, 1938, Max

One of the first film adaptations of “A Christmas Carol” By Charles Dickens.



7. A Boy Called Christmas, 2021, Netflix

A boy named Nikolas goes on a quest to find his destiny and becomes Christmase. Another alternative to the Story of Saint Klaus. 


8. Gremlins, 1984, Prime and Max


9. Krampus, 2015, Hulu and Peacock

A story of the horrifying Krampus. 


10. White Christmas, 1954, Sling and Hulu

A classic Christmas Movie about 4 singers in Vermont. 


11. A Charlie Brown Christmas, 1965, Apple TV

Charlie Brown searches to find the true meaning of Christmas with commercialism in the way. 


12. Home Alone 2 Lost in New York, 1992, Disney+

  Kevin gets lost in New York and has to get away from “The Wet Bandits” for a second time. 


13. A Christmas Story, 1983, Max Youtube Hulu and Sling

A Classic Christmas film about a young boy named Ralphie, who wants a Red Ryder BB Gun for Christmas. 


14. Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer, 1964, Youtube

The classic Claymation Rudolph. 


15. How The Grinch Stole Christmas!, 1966, Peacock and Youtube

The Grinch stole Christmas, this is how.

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