Despite Delays, Kanye Drops Album

Today Kanye West released a new album, Jesus is King, accompanied by an IMAX movie of the same name. The album was set to release September 29th of 2018 but was delayed, making this a much anticipated album.

The album features 11 tracks totaling to 27 minutes, making it his second shortest album. When asked about concerns about length, senior Niko Ventura said “Quality over quantity. (The) longer an album is, (the) more chances there are for misses. No misses here.”

Senior Drew Overson had a lot to say about the release: “I think the fans had mixed feelings when he announced he was doing a gospel album. And then there were two delays. So people were wary when it came to the release… It was very religious without shoving it down my throat. People were also worried he would not rap because he said it was ‘the devil’s music.’ But he does rap. And extremely well.”

Overson’s favorite tracks are ‘On God’ and ‘Use This Gospel’, and Ventura’s top picks are ‘Follow God’, ‘Everything We Need’, and ‘God is’. The two seniors praised the choirs in the album for being an “out-of-body experience.”

The album can now be streamed on all platforms. Here is the tracklist:

  1. Every Hour
  2. Selah
  3. Follow God
  4. Closed On Sunday
  5. On God
  6. Everything We Need
  7. Water
  8. God Is
  9. Hands On
  10. Use This Gospel
  11. Jesus is Lord

You can stream the album here: