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Stars Assembly in Review


This past Thursday, Mar 21, was Timpview’s student talent show, also known as the Stars Assembly. There was a total of 10 acts performed during the hour assembly, each bringing a different light to the stage. 

At first, our student body was welcomed by a comedic duo, Issac Dorton along with Hayden Loke, together they took the stage to introduce and support all other acts. With a bit of personality and charisma Dorton, and Loke brought many happy faces to the audience.

Following the opening Maliwauki and the Doves took the stage, students Abigail Davis, Rowan Luke, Peter Burt, Peter Snow, and Thomas Smith joined with Mr. Maliwauki to bring joy to the stage singing Still Into You.

The next act Pre-School Jams, was an improv jazz performance led by Adam McMurray on the piano, and Graden Rockwood on the drums. This performance brought a new and unique stage presence to the stage.

Luis Orduno and Anna Paula took the stage performing a guitar and song duet of La Llorona. This performance took light to the audience bringing a mellower vibe to the early morning assembly.

Elijah Pestana then took the stage, playing Heart and Soul on the piano. This showcased his incredible talent on the keys which impressed all of the audience.

The next act was a performance of I Come With Knives, performed by Jamison. This performance was unique and different from the previous acts but still was successful in showcasing Timpview’s talent.

Later Timpview’s well-known K-POP group took flight and danced to Talk the Talk. Timpview is familiar with this group, and they exceed our expectations every time.

Ana Naranjo then performed a Shakira song which was an incredible performance, with great technique Naranjo impressed all of us with her soothing voice

Taft Smith and Sam Clayton then performed an original piece called I Still Remember. With Smith on the guitar and vocals and Clayton on the piano and vocals, they showcased their talent and brought emotion to the crowd.

The next act was a real crowd pleaser. Bella Romero performed a Taekwondo routine and brought energy to the audience. With a toe touch breaking two boards, Romero got the crowd on their feet. This performance was a highlight of the Stars Assembly for many students.

To finish the assembly, Timpview’s Battle-of-the-Bands winners, Merchants of Venice, performed an original piece, ending the assembly with a bang.

In conclusion, the 2024 Stars Assembly was a big success, and many students are excited for next year’s performances to see what their fellow students can do.

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Fizz Daniels, Editorial Editor
Class of 2025. Opinion/Editorial Editor. I like to participate in lacrosse, theatre, and playing instruments.

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