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    Montana Webb



    After countless art classes from years before, and a scheduling issue giving her the opportunity to take AP Art as a junior, new Timpview student and senior Montana Webb, has created a glass ceiling for herself that she continuously shatters. As she takes AP Art for the second time, Webb uses this opportunity to measure her growth across the years and through different schools across the nation. Along with AP Art she takes Digital Media and Digital Photography. With the goal of becoming an animator, Webb understands that she must complete a diverse class load in order to be prepared for the ever-evolving world of film.

    “Art is a big thing in movies, I really want to be a part of that because it allows me to still do what I love, but also create something and be a part of something bigger that conveys a message,” Webb said.

    To Webb, art means much more than simply a creative outlet. To teens across the world severe anxiety is not uncommon. In fact according to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, one in eight children and teenagers are affected by anxiety disorders. However, despite this commonality, the way in which many overcome this anxiety is diverse and distinct. The self-expression and calming nature of art aid Webb in overcoming her anxiety, and have led her to establish a very firm and refined understanding of what art means to her.

    “It’s just someone who grows constantly, and you know history is never ending, so I believe art will never be ending,” Webb said.

    With thousands of years of art history, Webb reflects on this art to show the timeline of humanity and arts purpose in our world. To her, this purpose will be ever changing, especially because of the use of social media. What used to take a trip to the art gallery, can now be seen on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or even Tumblr. With our fast-paced culture, always on the hunt for something new, it is unpredictable what new forms of art await us in the future.

    “I have no idea, because looking back in history people have come up with completely new ideas that have shaped art and have completely questioned the definition of art,” Webb said. “So to be completely honest, it could go left or right, or in the middle, or backwards; it could go anyway. Like there is no definite way of telling where art will go in the future.”

    However, despite the seemingly endless routes that art may take, Webb says that anyone and everyone can do art. While classes from the school, community, and professionals may help refine artistic skills, Webb urges Timpview students to take the time to teach themselves. As a mostly self-taught artist, Webb has an internal motivation rather than an external motivation, and credits much of her success to that intrinsic motivation.

    “The biggest question I get is how are you so good, and like the only answer that has ever been given to anyone is practice,” Webb said. “Most of the time it’s something you do within yourself.”

    Webb wants students, aspiring artists, and the community alike to know that anyone can practice and participate in art. It’s unnecessary to have to have a gut-feeling that art is your calling, or come from an artistic family. Expression has been, and should be, for everyone. Taking the opportunity to grow and learn in a new medium, or even the basics of art itself, is something that is rarely regretted.

    “If you love art than do it, nothing’s stopping you only yourself,” Webb said.



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