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    Tanner Staheli


    Timpview senior Tanner has been drawing ever since he was a little kid, but he only started taking art seriously about 2 years ago. He signed up for Honors Art 1 in his sophomore year, and he’s been improving at an exceptionally fast rate ever since.


    Tanner “absolutely” considers art a career path for him. He wants to be a concept artist.


    The job of a concept artist is to create characters and ideas for films and video games.

    “So let’s say they needed a pirate, you’d draw like five pirates and make them all different,” Tanner explained.

    Chembaron Brawler


    It’s a job that requires skill in digital art, but Tanner hasn’t mastered that nearly as much as he has with traditional art.

    “I bought a trackpad, and it takes a while to get used to it, but I lost my stylus, so…”



    But he does plan to get better at digital someday. Currently, though, most of his time is spent on cross hatching and line art. It’s “pretty much the only thing I do.”



    “It’s unique and satisfying. Clean. And pretty challenging. ‘Cuz if you mess one thing up you’re in trouble,” Tanner said.

    Earth Titan

    He’s sold prints in the past, and he may again in the future, “once I get my crap together.” Tanner’s never submitted his art to contests, however. It’s another thing he plans to do in the future.

    Tanner’s favorite piece, Tokyo City


    “I’d stayed up until five a.m. working on it.” With that level of time management and devotion, he’s sure to get his art in high places.

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