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    India Footit

    India Footit

    Welcome to India’s world—no, not the asian subcontinent—the creations of India Footit, a talented Timpview senior.

    “I do a lot of world-building, more than I care to admit,” India confesses. For those who don’t know, world-building is the creation of fictional worlds and cultures entirely separate from the real world, where the author or artist decides every aspect of character’s lives.


    The phrase world-building is pretty self explanatory, but it is a much more of an in depth process than the word alone can give justice to.

    barebones sketch of a mural

    She’s inspired by people, “people are always a fun time.” Since she’s an observer, art was a natural path for her, even as a child.

    “I’ve been drawing for about ten years now. As a kid, I would watch cartoons, and I’m like, yeah, I’m gonna draw that.”

    Nowadays, her art is centered around scenarios and environments.

    “I like to think about how the people would react to the situation that I draw them in, and what’s in their head”

    “I also like to draw monsters, and outfits. I love character design.”

    She wants to be a concept artist. Her dream job is what pushes her to improve her skills.

    “Concept art is like…the design before the product.”

    Luckily for India, she has extensive skills in design.

    Her favorite materials to use are watercolor with color pencil, and gouache paint, which is “kind of like a chalk, opaque build. You layer it.”

    a layered watercolor with pen definition

    But even with average quality supplies, such as the school distributed paints and pencils, India still manages to create stunning works of art.

    blind contour work, done with the eyes closed

    However, India isn’t using school art supplies anymore, as she isn’t taking any art classes this year.

    “I took AP, and that was kinda the finishing point for me here. I do independent art now.”

    With less time spent on assignments, she’s been able to pursue personal projects to her hearts content,  expanding her skill set all the while.

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