Christmas for Those in Need


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Female volunteers preparing Christmas gifts for poor people

Madison Fell

For many of us, Christmas is our favorite time of the year. The lights, music, food, and above all the presents. Who doesn’t love waking up early on Christmas day to find a tree packed with gifts? Families share some of the most memorable and joyful moments during the holiday season, but some of us don’t have the same experience with Christmas. For some Christmas means stretching yourself financially thin or disappointment for the kids. Sometimes it means an even hungrier belly and a little colder in the house. For some, the Christmas season isn’t quite so joyful and jolly.

Female volunteers preparing Christmas gifts for poor people (Getty Images)

In Utah alone, over 280,000 Utahns live below the poverty line ($25,750 for a family of four) meaning not only can they not afford Christmas presents but can barely afford three meals a day and a roof over their heads not only that but over 10,000 Utahns live in abject poverty. So while you smile at the thought of snow on Christmas day those who live in level of abject poverty weep knowing it means another bone chillings night with only the thought of a Christmas dinner to keep them warm.

How can you help? Many organizations such as The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and charities such as the Salvation Army, and Goodwill are all fantastic places to donate toys and clothes to those in need. Now not everyone can help as much as the next and no one asks that you give all that you own to the less fortunate but next time you throw away some old toys or some clothes that no longer fit remember you could always give a little to those who need it.