Lacrosse Season Starts

Lacrosse Season Starts

On Monday, February 27, 2023. The Timpview lacrosse team met for their first practice of the pre-season. With half of the coaching staff new to Timpview high school, the players have a lot to get used to. A lot of players’ morale is low because of old coaches leaving, but other team members are open to change and are excited to turn a new leaf. The Timpview lacrosse team got over 10 new players this season, some think the future is looking bright for Timpview lacrosse.

The team doesn’t have a set-in-stone schedule yet but in two weeks the regular season will start.

Here are some thoughts about the upcoming season from our very own Timpview players, “I’m really excited to start playing and increase my potential and keep learning from my fellow lacrosse players and coaches.” said Sanjay Morthy, Junior lacrosse player.

Another player said “I’m excited to see how our new coaches perform and where we’ll end up at the end of the season.” said Kody Hone, a Senior lacrosse player. The players seem to be more enthusiastic than in previous years, will this affect the way they play?

The Team has shown great promise since last season even though they lost some of their best players from last season they put in the work during the off-season and not only improved their skills, they improved their connection to their teammates, a lot of players think that connection to their teammates will increase their chances of winning. We are all excited to see how they play this season.

The Timpview lacrosse team is excited to start their season and would love the support of the students and teachers at Timpview High, so if you can come to any of the games the team would appreciate it very much.