Regions Changing


Cy Hamilton

A few months ago the state announced that a few schools would be moving down to 4a and a few others would be moving up to 6a. With these changes there are going to be many changes to the region and what schools are in the 5a classification. Timpview is going to stay a 5a school but the defending football champions Lehi will be moving to 6a and the surrounding schools (Orem, Mountain View, and Timpanogas) will be moving down. One weird change with the new classifications is with Orem still being a top school in the 5a classification for football they are going to stay 5a but for every other sport, they will be 4a.

The new region for Timpview is going to consist of (Cedar Valley, Maple Mountain, Salem Hills, Spanish Fork, Springville, and Wasatch). This region is completely different as not one school is from the original region. Some athletes are mad that Cedar Valley is in our region as it is very far away. With them being in our region many athletes are going to have to go all the way out to Eagle Mountain as that is where their school is. Many students are happy that the regions/classifications were changed as Timpview is a top school in 5a and most of the top competitors are now in different classifications. This allows for the chance to win more state championships in the future. Overall the new regions and classifications look like it is going to be a good thing for Timpview athletics. Most of the schools in the region are fairly close. A lot of the competition from the past in many sports is now gone so Timpview has a very high chance of winning a lot of state championships next year.