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    T-Birds at Work: Mae Edwards


    Where do you work?

    I work in a shipping warehouse for Taylor Joelle, as a lifeguard, and for my dad at J. Dawgs.

    How long have you worked there?

    I’ve been lucky enough to work at J. Dawgs since I was 7. I started lifeguarding two years ago and my shipping job a little over a year ago.

    How did you get started at your job?

    My dad taught me to be a hard worker growing up. He was an entrepreneur and started his own business so it’s been important for him to teach us how to work hard. My parents didn’t force me to get a job, but I always knew that was something I wanted to do as soon as I could. I’ve just been networking and talking to whoever I can about possible job opportunities.

    What do you do during a normal shift?

    At the warehouse, we do anything from packing orders to doing returns and keeping the warehouse clean. At J. Dawgs I help my dad cater so we will do all the prep work for the events and then clean up later. And as a lifeguard, you’ll set up the deck and make sure it’s clean, and then watch the pool and save people when they need help

    What do you like about your job?

    I love being able to interact with people and feel productive.

    How many hours/days a week do you spend at your job?

    During the school year, I work a little over 20 hours a week. During the summer I try and work 40+.

    How do you balance schoolwork, extracurriculars, and a job?

    I play on the golf team so it gets tricky sometimes but I’ve found that if I just talk to my managers and explain the situation and ask how I could change my schedule to work out, it helps. You also just have to sacrifice other things sometimes.

    What is the craziest story you have about your job?

    Lifeguarding never got too crazy but there were definitely funny and crazy things we got to see people do.

    Do you think your job will impact your life after high school? If so, how?

    I definitely think so. Because I have been able to save up I know that I will be able to pay for college and housing in the future. I think that gives me great peace of mind. It also builds my resume as I’m looking for more jobs in the future.

    In your opinion, why should high schoolers have part-time jobs?

    It’s so important to learn how to work with other people and be accountable. Having a job has taught me so many things that I know I’ll need for my future no matter what I do. Definitely get a job if you can because you’ll learn so many things.

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