Timpview Drama Shines in Production of Les Miserables


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The cast of Les Miserable shine in musical number.

Kinlee Fell, Staff Writer

Timpview High School Drama Students put on a wonderful rendition of the theatre classic Les Miserables.  

Les Miserables tells a story of redemption, with courage and passion mixed in as well. The stage is set in early 19th century France, with Jean Valjean trying to find his way after escaping from prison after 19 long years. Javert, a police inspector, is on the hunt for the fugitive but stumbles into him 10 years later down the road. 

The lead roles in this play are Jean Valjean, played by Peter Summerhays, Javert, played by Everett Fairbourne, Fantine, played by Sariah Holmes, Enjolras, played by Evan Wilson, Thenardier, played by Cannon Hadfield, Madame Thenardier, played by Alena Cobia, Marius, played by Taft Smith, Cosette, played by Lili Wilson, the Bishop, played by Bridger Allen, and Pimp, played by Ansel Coberly. Michael Avila, Timpview’s drama teacher, was the man behind it all.

The theatre will put on five performances dating November 10-15th. The school’s opening night performance was memorable. The costumes were outstanding with great detail and did a very good job of depicting the 19th century. All of the singing was fantastic, but a breakout performance by Taft Smith in the role of Marius stands above the rest. The only thing that could have been done better was the background music, it was a little loud, making it hard to hear the actors’ voices. Despite this one infrequent hiccup, the production of Les Miserables was phenomenal in almost every regard, and I would recommend seeing it before the show ends.