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Neighborhoods Suffer as Students Look for Parking in Areas Surrounding School

Parking at Timpview has been a big problem for students the last couple of years, but not only has it been a problem for the students but also the neighboring residents of Timpview high. Students are in a rush to get to their morning classes on time, and this is starting to become a problem for our driving students, in their rush, they neglect the small details of parking.

Multiple students have gotten parking tickets because they are in too much of a rush to realize if they’re in front of a driveway, or too close to a stop sign, or in a no-parking zone. But the students aren’t the only victims of our parking crisis, residents within Timpview boundaries have to deal with our bad parking.

The neighbors struggle most on trash collection days. When people put their trash cans on the street, the next morning our students come and park on those same streets, and when parking gets crowded some students will either put the trash cans on the curb or park too close to them. The problem with that is the fact that the garbage trucks dump the cans AFTER school starts and the trucks can’t get to the cans if there are cars too close to them, or if they’re on the curb.

Students at Timpview have been through a lot of problems regarding parking, but why should the people who live on the streets we use for parking suffer? I hope that students can be more considerate and pay more attention to detail while parking, and show respect to all our neighbors.

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Lance Tucker
Lance Tucker, Sports Writer
I am Lance Tucker. I'm addicted to adrenaline. Class of 2023  

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    MadsDec 8, 2022 at 2:31 PM

    Cool article Lance I’m proud of u