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Are High School Relationships Worth it?


Have you ever been in a high school relationship? We dove in to find potential benefits and drawbacks of modern-day high school relationships.

We interviewed several of our peers, including Anna LaComb.  She is currently in a relationship and she shared her thoughts with us. While she likes her relationship with her current boyfriend as she feels they connect very well, she notes that it also depends on who you’re with. She’s happy because they connect well and spend a good amount of time together, however, she acknowledges that not everyone could be as lucky as her. Her advice continues to go on and say don’t rush anything and to not be so hard on yourself if you don’t find yourself in a relationship. 

We interviewed several peers, starting with Anna LaComb. She shared her thoughts about her current relationship and high-school relationships in general. She is happy with her current boyfriend because they connect well.

Our story continues as anonymous talks about the potential negatives of relationships. She feels that shouldn’t be your main focus, high school relationships could be viewed as a time waster. Spending your high school years with the same person, instead of fully enjoying the high school experience. She feels many people who are in relationships fall into a cycle. Starting with spending more time with your relationship and less with your current friends. Then when it’s over, she finds that same friend begging to come to hang out again. 

During our next interview we talked to a male classmate and the second we talked about high school relationships he wouldn’t stop ranting about how much he hated them. He goes on record to say he has never been in a relationship but felt very strongly that relationships were single-handedly destroying Timpview high school, he said the thought of having a relationship made him want to vomit; he claimed that many girls had been interested in him but he remained strong in his beliefs. This brave man is single-handedly saving Timpview high school. 



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    calixApr 14, 2023 at 9:09 AM

    does the 3rd paragraph cut off after “she notes that it re” for anyone else?