The Weekly Review: Apple AirPods Max


Apple AirPods Max

Anna LaComb

About: As we know, trends nowadays blow up quickly because of internet access, and, recently, there has been a certain type of headphones blowing up and getting lots of publicity. They are called AirPods Max. They are over-the-head wireless headphones. They have been seen on TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter; nearly all social media platforms. AirPods Maxes are a big fashion trend, as celebrities such as Bella Hadid and Hailey Bieber have been photographed wearing them while out and about. 

Pros VS. Cons: There are pros and cons that come with the AirPods Max. They are very useful and can be great for when at the gym or doing things that require lots of movement. However, AirPods Maxes are priced at around $550. That is an insane amount of money for a pair of headphones that aren’t too out of the ordinary. So yes, they are nice and would be practical, but are they really worth the $550?

Personal Opinion: I do not have the AirPods Max, however, I don’t think I would ever be willing to spend that type of money on these. Yes, they are cool and I would enjoy them if I had them, but spending $550 on them wouldn’t be ideal or absolutely necessary. It doesn’t seem like a good investment unless you are made of money, so, therefore, I would pass on this trend.